‘Beyond Words’

January 18th, 2015

In a recent article for Design Observer, Robert Hetherington discusses MuirMcNeil’s TenPoint type system as ‘typographic units at the limits of alphabetic writing’.

‘MuirMcNeil’s fonts play with the ideas of what a typeface is and what it does. Through considering its various states of existence, from language to object to image, they always come back to the fundamental notion that the letter is dependent on its constituency and its relation to something else.’

Read the article in full here

‘Best article about experimental typography I’ve read maybe ever. All about @MuirMcNeil’s series of point-based fonts’ Christy Harrington @haychristyhay via Twitter

‘Great article from @RobertHeth about @MuirMcNeil’s TenPoint Type systems’ Daniel Marks @D_Marks_Design via Twitter