About Interlock

Interlock is a geometric bitmap type system in four styles each in six weights.

In Interlock, the relationship between inked and uninked parts of letters is broken down into even patterns of parallel horizontal or vertical lines. Where traditional type designs are configured in binary contrasts of form and counterform, Interlock’s lines are progressively incremented in weight to provide tonal pattern densities within the body of the type.

In Interlock, a common grid determines the positioning of all elements with every contour and space aligning precisely. Interlock typefaces are designed to interact in layers with one another and with corresponding sets of rectangular background grids.

Using page layout, bitmap or vector design software, the user can apply selected styles to letterforms and backgrounds either in precisely interlocking layers or in easily calibrated offsets. Outlines, tints, colours, textures, patterns and transparencies can be implemented as appropriate.

The Interlock system includes a set of four background grid typefaces that correspond to Interlock styles and weights.