TypeCon 2016 Poster.
Printed offset litho in black and neon green. 89x60cm.

TypeCon 2016 programme. Printed offset litho in black and neon green. 254x110mm.

Using MuirMcNeil TwoPlus typefaces throughout, a consistent information hierarchy is applied to the front cover and section divider pages at a macro level and at a micro level in text.
Desktop clock for TypeCon 2016 using 66 typefaces from MuirMcNeil’s TwoPoint and TwoPlus type systems. In two precisely registered layers, fonts for time, date, and background panels are programmed to change randomly every minute. With layer colours reversing for am and pm, this results in 8,712 possible overlay combinations.
TypeCon 2016 conference presentation title frames at the Amazon Doppler Tower, Seattle WA
Still from the intermission video for TypeCon 2016.

The timing of frame motion for text elements, foreground and background panels is programmed in increments proportionate to the dot pitch for each font size used. As a result, the animation is a product of the text content itself.

There is a Vimeo link to the animation on our Journal
TypeCon 2016 desktop and lock screen
TypeCon 2016 conference gobo
TypeCon 2016 goodies: Delegate and Volunteer T-shirts, tote bag, postcards, stickers and badges