TwoPoint in use – The Fitchburg Alphabet

August 16th, 2015

Catherine Griffiths has used MuirMcNeil TwoPoint for her ‘U’ on the front page of the Sentinel & Enterprise (Fitchburg, MA) daily newspaper ‘Alphabet Project’. Curated by artist Anna Schuleit Haber and commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum, the project ran from 13 July – 11 August 2015.

Twenty-six typographers were invited to contribute one original letter each to this project around which daily news and found urban stories are arranged.

Griffiths combined three TwoPoint ‘U’s – the magenta set upright, the yellow tilted one way, cyan the other, with the request that the newspaper avoided printing text over the magenta U.

‘This work of art is a limited-edition, daily experiment that explores visual language systems, the transport of text, and the shaping and meaning of news, both local and non-local. The project spans twenty-six days and highlights art, poetry, and news-stories that appear, not inside the paper but on its front page. The art is the newspaper, and the newspaper is the art.’ Fitchburg Art Museum.

Studio Catherine Griffiths

Fitchburg Art Museum

The U front page_CG