68,000 Unique Covers – LCM Guitar Handbooks 2019

To generate covers for fifty-four titles across six instruments which comprise the London College of Music Examinations guitar handbooks, MuirMcNeil used the instrument names to create a series of multi-layered typographic compositions, using fonts from the MMcN Two System. These compositions, modified by a colour palette specific to each instrument, were then zoomed and cropped to produce a one-off cover design for each printed copy of the handbooks.

2019 LCME Guitar Handbook Covers

Eye 94 Posters

Published in cooperation with Eye Magazine, MuirMcNeil have generated 100 unique posters (format 70 x 50 cm) from the ten typographic fields originally designed for Eye 94’s 8,000 variable data front covers. Buyers will receive a one-off poster selected randomly from a series of their choice.

Eye 94 Poster
Eye Magazine


Two system in use – Guarro Casas Calendar 2019

Marnich Associates, Barcelona has showcased MuirMcNeil’s TwoStroke type in a black-and-white 2019 desk calendar for the paper manufacturer Guarro Casas. Wladimir Marnich has been showcasing MuirMcNeil typefaces on Guarro Casas calendars since 2015. TwoStroke is part of MuirMcNeil’s extensive Two type system.

Marnich Associates

Bold Monday 10

Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen are marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of Bold Monday with the release of an EP. MuirMcNeil were delighted to be asked to design the sleeve. Type: Capibara from Bold Monday.

Bold Monday


At the end of history

Poster for TypeCon 2016, pp476 ‘The History of Graphic Design Vol.2, 1960–Today’ by Jens Müller / Julius Widemann (Ed), 480pp, Taschen, 2018.

The History of Graphic Design

Eye 94 Covers in Graphic Style

MuirMcNeil’s generative design for the cover of Eye 94 is featured in the 4th edition of Graphic Style: From Victorian to Hipster (Abrams), Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast’s seminal survey of the history of graphic design. Ironically, the authors have categorised The Eye 94 design under the heading “Hipster: Neo-Expresionism”, the antithesis of everything our work stands for.

One One Two Three …

For Fedrigoni Plus, a collection of fine UK-held papers, MuirMcNeil were invited to design an A1 folding poster as part of a series of limited edition prints curated by TM Studio. The series theme is ‘addition, expansion and augmentation’. Our response, printed in two metallics + silver foil blocking on Sirio Ultra Black, uses Fibonacci numbers as content and is typeset in TwoLine Hard B from the MMcN TwoPlus type system.

TM Studio


Projections by Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola

Originally trained as an architect, Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola works with moving image and data projection techniques to explore relationships between language and its context in the environment. Several of his recent projects have made excellent use of the precise calibration of various type systems by MuirMcNeil in huge projections of words, literary texts and poems in a wide range of locations.



New typeface release – Bisect

Bisect is a monospaced geometric type system produced by MuirMcNeil in collaboration with Natasha Lucas who began working on the design for the typeface when studying at the London College of Communication. Bisect has been cut in three versions. These are designed to register precisely with one another in layers, allowing users to exploit the playful visual exchange between the horizontal and vertical character segments from which the Bisect letterforms are constructed.

Bisect Type System


Eye 94 cover design wins two more awards

Our variable data cover design for Eye 94 received two further accolades last week – a D&AD pencil and Gold at the Society of Publication Designers 53rd Annual Awards in New York.