About Intersect

MuirMcNeil Intersect is a type system which subverts typographic weight — the relationship between inked and uninked parts of letters and word forms. Where traditional type designs can only provide a binary contrast of black and white, form and counterform, Intersect typefaces exceed this limitation by emulating a successive range of linear screens to give the illusion of tint densities within the body of the type. Because Intersect contours and spaces map onto each other precisely, a wide range of design options is possible using layers.

Same Screens, Different Contours

Intersect is available in ‘A’ and ‘B’ contour variants (analogous to regular and bold). These share 16 common screen patterns, arranged in four groups each with four weights. Intersect A and B have been designed to interact with one another by layering (in 256 possible combinations). Using page layout, bitmap or vector design software, the designer can explore the potential for enhancing the layering effects by applying colour, tint and transparency / opacity as appropriate.

Intersect A and B in combination, showing 8 examples from a set of 256 possible variations