About ThreePoint

MuirMcNeil ThreePoint is a system of three-dimensional display typefaces designed in four orthographic projections. It is a dot-based development of MuirMcNeil Panopticon, a typeface inspired by a form of polygonal building developed in the Eighteenth century to facilitate controlled and concealed viewpoints.

On the dotted line

The ThreePoint system has been implemented in four alternative viewpoints or projections:
A: top right view
B: bottom left view
C: top left view
D: bottom right view

Each of the four projections has been produced as four ready-to-use typefaces featuring dot screen patterns that provide three-dimensional illusions of depth and tone:
01: Comp H, a two-tone composite which is darker in the horizontal plane
02: Comp V, a two-tone composite which is darker in the vertical plane
03: Light, an even screen pattern of light dots
04: Bold, an even screen pattern of dark dots

In addition, each projection is provided as a set of four sub-component typefaces that can be used for layered constructions. Horizontal and vertical plane elements are separated into matching light and bold typefaces which are designed to interact with one another, offering a wide range of visual possibilities. Using page layout, bitmap or vector design software, the user can apply selected planes either in precisely interlocking overlays or in easily calibrated positional offsets. Outlines, tints, colours, textures, patterns and transparencies can be applied as appropriate.

These features provide an enormous number of possibilities when working in print and fixed media. They are also particularly useful in motion graphics where their precise layering and positional calibration allows control over many exciting transitions and other visual opportunities.

There is no inter-character spacing in ThreePoint. Letterforms are designed to fit together dot-to-dot in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Interlinear spacing can easily be set in one line or half line increments so that multiple lines fit flush in perfect registration.

The ThreePoint character set is limited to Latin lowercase only together with numerals and punctuation marks. For ease of use, the lowercase letters are duplicated in the uppercase register.

ThreePoint is available in Latin glyph encoding in OpenType and Web font formats.

ThreePoint composites. Top to bottom – A, B, C, D; left – Horizontal; right – Vertical